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Custom Hetalia shoes!

Hey everyone!

I've just put up a post on ebay for the selling of a pair of CUSTOM DESIGNED AXIS POWERS HETALIA SHOES!

Going to a convention soon?



Here's the link!


I'll be willing to ship them ANYWHERE!

Better grab'em quick!


Oh wait, not your size? don't like Italy?

Hit me up ON EBAY, and I will work up a design for you (only hetalia anime, FOR NOW, others coming soon!) LIke France? America? Germany? not a mens 8/womens 11? TELL ME YOUR SIZE AND CHARACTER YOU WANT AND I'LL GLADLY MAKE YOU PAIR!

For requests on shoes, and/or questions please hit me up ON EBAY

Pumpkin pie mother fucker

Romano's Olive ball blowjob (its not as bad as it sounds...aha)

Xxnizardxx (4:39:02 AM): I HAZ PASTA!
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:39:10 AM): (shyryou2009) PASTA!
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:39:27 AM): (meepskate) YOU JUST MADE ME HUNGRY. *Goes to gets foods*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:46:24 AM): (seaknowsall) What kind of diet?
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:46:26 AM): (shyryou2009) I LIKE MINE STATIONARY, THANK YOU.
Xxnizardxx (4:46:46 AM): *pasta dance*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:47:10 AM): (seaknowsall) NO YOU DON'T! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU LIKE! *flings more*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:47:17 AM): (seaknowsall) *olive dance*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:47:30 AM): (shyryou2009) *TOMATO DANCE*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:47:39 AM): (axenblade007) -butt dance-
Xxnizardxx (4:47:59 AM): We go from food to Chazz butt, lol
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:48:02 AM): (shyryou2009) Spain: *shakes fine spanish ass...again XD*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:48:19 AM): (axenblade007) That's what i'm here for
Xxnizardxx (4:48:23 AM): Drualt: *wishes she had a tazer.....tazer his ass with..*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:49:03 AM): (shyryou2009) Spain: *still has a nice ass*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:49:13 AM): (axenblade007) Soviet has badonkadonk
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:49:21 AM): (seaknowsall) Romano: *has... olives*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:50:00 AM): (shyryou2009) you have nice olives Romano XD
Xxnizardxx (4:50:00 AM): his butt is small as olive? sad...
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:50:29 AM): (seaknowsall) yes, yes I do. They make great olive oil Signorina~ *will tempt you with olives si si*
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:50:46 AM): (seaknowsall) FHJSDKDAF NO HIS BALLS ARE --- WAIT NO THAT CAME OUT WRONG ;A;
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:50:51 AM): (seaknowsall) /brb sobbing in a corner
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:50:53 AM): (shyryou2009) XDD
Xxnizardxx (4:51:14 AM): omg! *rolls*
Xxnizardxx (4:51:39 AM): You just gave me a stroke, happy? lmao
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:51:52 AM): (shyryou2009) very. XD
Xxnizardxx (4:52:33 AM): Shut up! lol
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:52:43 AM): (shyryou2009) XDD
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:53:26 AM): (meepskate) OMGROFLMAOHELICOPTERBBQHATS
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:53:28 AM): (meepskate) = Extreme version of roflmao...XDDDDD
Xxnizardxx (4:53:29 AM): olives....I shall never look at them the same now...
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:53:35 AM): (meepskate) Me neither....XD
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:53:53 AM): Command completed successfully.
Xxnizardxx (4:54:06 AM): haha, my alias is shocked as well!
Xxnizardxx (4:54:39 AM): .............................
Xxnizardxx (4:54:58 AM): *spits pastaa at the screen* TAHTS A LOT SEA-KUN!!!
Xxnizardxx (4:54:59 AM): hahaha
[X_Now_Open_x] (4:55:10 AM): (seaknowsall) Sealand, always here to serve~
Xxnizardxx (4:55:20 AM): And that sounded VERY VERY wrong, you know that right? lmao
red darkness blood and rose

RD banner

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas feugiat consequat diam. Maecenas metus. Vivamus diam purus, cursus a, commodo non, facilisis vitae, nulla. Aenean dictum lacinia tortor. Nunc iaculis, nibh non iaculis aliquam, orci felis euismod neque, sed ornare massa mauris sed velit. Nulla pretium mi et risus. Fusce mi pede, tempor id, cursus ac, ullamcorper nec, enim. Sed tortor. Curabitur molestie. Duis velit augue, condimentum at, ultrices a, luctus ut, orci.

Donec pellentesque egestas eros. Integer cursus, augue in cursus faucibus, eros pede bibendum sem, in tempus tellus justo quis ligula.

Etiam eget tortor. Vestibulum rutrum, est ut placerat elementum, lectus nisl aliquam velit, tempor aliquam eros nunc nonummy metus. In eros metus, gravida a, gravida sed, lobortis id, turpis. Ut ultrices, ipsum at venenatis fringilla, sem nulla lacinia tellus, eget aliquet turpis mauris non enim. Nam turpis. Suspendisse lacinia. Curabitur ac tortor ut ipsum egestas elementum. Nunc imperdiet gravida mauris.

If you'd like to join, we do NOT have an application system, but we do require that you IM xXNizardXx and dandygrrrl1976, they will help decide weather you are fit for the game or not. Don't worry we don't bite, only the Doms do~

Here is a link to our list of taken characters.


Pumpkin pie mother fucker


 I'm bugging out right now dude, BUGGING! that was like the best moment of my LIFE <33333333I asked him for a request to show me how Tamaki would Propose to Haruhi, with ME as Haruhi!
 He said "Haruhi....I invited you into the host club because-"
Me: "Because I broke your vase?"
Vic: "...no.....I invited you into the host club because I love you"
Me and crowd: "awww"
Vic: "I know I act like your my daughter and I'm your daddy but I want to be more....I wanna be your life long love....so I'm asking you, will you marry me?"
Crowd : *pee's on selves laughing*

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!! He was SO close than my ear was like hot from his BREATH XDDDDDD
 It was funny, I was that one chick out there yelling things at him
 He showed a vid of Tamaki, and than was like 'probably to early for you guys to handle Tamaki haha' it was like 11 am
I was like ' WE CAN HANDLE HIM ANYTIME!' and people laughed haha, he was like 'and he can handle you! I dont know what that means! but YEAH!' XDDDD

He said that people on 4chan pissed him off because they said they hate him cuz he tries to push off his religion on people, and he doesn't, he was like 'I hate when they do that....i dont push it on you guys...That sucks" and I was like "TELL THEM TO GO TO HELL!!!" and he was like 'well THAT would go over welL! haha the christian tell them to *deeeeeeeeeeep voice* go to hell!!!" XDDDDDDD



The video of him proposing will be up soon!


P.s: I went as Wrath from FullMetal Alchemist!


Epic fight of the American and the English!

Bekah (2:08:08 PM): what are the people in your aim icon staring at? lol
Niz (2:08:46 PM): YOU
Niz (2:08:48 PM): O_O
Niz (2:09:15 PM): Its Japan, Italy, Chibitalia, Germany and America lol
Bekah (2:09:30 PM): haha america <3
Bekah (2:09:41 PM): dont like germany...we kicked thier ass in war lol
Niz (2:10:05 PM): *snort* I luffz Germany, he protects my REAL country, ITALY! <3 haha
Bekah (2:10:21 PM): .....germany ivaded us!! poor iccle england
Bekah (2:10:34 PM): *hugs Arthur*
Niz(2:11:37 PM): *pat Arthur*.....*suddenly waxes his brow off, and run* WHAHAHA

Bekah (2:12:26 PM): ..............O to the M to the G
xxnizardxx (2:13:10 PM): XDDDDDD

Bekah (2:14:52 PM): dont abuse arthur or i shall make Alfred drink tea for the rest of his life XD and make him use the word "Poppycock" Instead of "Bullshit"
xxnizardxx (2:15:21 PM): Alfred: HAA! you can't make me! you fuzzy english woman!
xxnizardxx (2:15:35 PM): *covers Al's mouth* SHHH! lmao
Bekah (2:16:06 PM): just sleeep with one eye open! can't trust the english ..sneaky little buggars we are
Bekah (2:16:15 PM): seee a new level of odd lol
xxnizardxx (2:18:14 PM): hahahah
xxnizardxx (2:18:16 PM): yay!
xxnizardxx (2:18:21 PM): new level~
xxnizardxx (2:18:24 PM): new level!
Bekah (2:18:32 PM): level 2!!!
xxnizardxx (2:18:45 PM): YAY! XD
Bekah (2:19:05 PM): now we are impersonating our countries and having a war about eyebrows and coffee
xxnizardxx (2:19:45 PM): Exactly! Coffee rules!
Bekah (2:19:55 PM): *cough* Tea
xxnizardxx (2:20:15 PM): *Heroic pose* COFFEEEEEEE!!!! AND HAMBURGERS!!!!!!
Bekah (2:21:35 PM): Tuh.... TEA AND FISH AND CHIPS
Bekah (2:21:52 PM): well maybe not fish cause im veggie...but still. FISH AND CHIPS
xxnizardxx (2:22:20 PM): NO WAY!! BBQ AND COCA COLAAAAAAAAAA!~
xxnizardxx (2:22:25 PM): XD
Bekah (2:22:39 PM): haha! Maybe dandilion and burdock! not cola!
Bekah (2:24:16 PM): Football is our thing lol you call it "Soccer" xD OH and candy floss!

Bekah (2:24:21 PM): not cotten candy!!
xxnizardxx (2:26:26 PM): PFFT~ American football, is more brutal, baybeh! and NO EFFIN WAY!!!! COTTEN CANDY IS MY LIFE~ STEP OFF! YOU TEA SWIGGIN BRIT!

Bekah (2:26:46 PM): NEVER! you love my britishness and you know it XD
Bekah (2:27:01 PM): I love your americanness and rather like Alfred....<3
Bekah (2:27:11 PM): Caaandy floss!
xxnizardxx (2:27:58 PM): Lol, Alfred is my soul! he is the wind beneath my wings, he is the fat and grease filling my orteries,,,,WHOA wait! WHAT?!
Bekah (2:28:08 PM): what? lol
xxnizardxx (2:28:13 PM): hahaha
xxnizardxx (2:28:22 PM): tooo much american food haha
Bekah (2:28:23 PM): heyy Rugby is rough!
xxnizardxx (2:28:31 PM): PFFT, for grannies!
Bekah (2:28:51 PM): Noo its not! xD and we have cricket! woooo......*Damn even i can;t make that sound cool*
Bekah (2:28:56 PM): ahem..we have cricket!!
xxnizardxx (2:29:47 PM): We have crickets too!, they're green and they jump on english men and women and make them scream like Alfred makes Iggy scream *purr*
Bekah (2:30:01 PM): haha cricket the sport xDDD
Bekah (2:30:13 PM): mmmm and yay with the slashyness
xxnizardxx (2:30:23 PM): Alfred: making Iggy scream, is like a sport for me!
xxnizardxx (2:30:30 PM): *swats Alf* SHUT UP! hahaha
Bekah (2:30:42 PM): Arthur: O_O shut up ....wanker
xxnizardxx (2:31:08 PM): Alfred: hahahaha! thats not what you said last night!

And it went on like that for a LOOONG time!
Cm punk

Random tiny rant about dresscodes

Doesn't the WWE dresscode make you laugh? i mean, "you guys gotta wear suits when traveling, then arrive the building and put on some tight ass spandex, oil yourself up and then roll about with another man. BECAUSE WE'RE PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MEN GOD DAMMIT! now Chavo you're wrestling Hornswaggle is a Fart Match tonight" 
Pumpkin pie mother fucker

"The real chick magnet"

Aurthor: [info]nhainti
Type: Fanfic
Pairing: John Morrison/The Miz
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own John Morrison or The Miz, im not THAT lucky. 
Summary: The Chick magent has a chick problem during a filming of the dirt sheet
"starting on, five, four, three...two..one" the camera man say 
"Hi, I'm John Morrison and all of Jay-z's problems are me" John says to the camera
"And I'm your chick magnet the-" The Miz goes to introduce himself when a baby chick jumps on his lap, tweeting and peeping at him. John looks at the little chick and smiles.
The Miz gently picks the chick up and sets him down "And I'm your..." He tries to say and when the chick jumps back up interrupting him yet again
"What?!" The Miz asks and looks down at him. the chick peeps some more, basically saying feed me daddy!
The Miz rolls his eyes and lays some bird feed down, the Chick jumps off of the Miz's lap and eats
The Miz sighs "And I'm your chick magnet, the Miz" he says
John Cracks up laughing "I'd say you're a chick magnet!" he says
The Miz looks at John "Its not funny John! I told you i got to close to the eggs when they hatched!" he says and pouts.
When the show comes to the end John says "In life there are winner..." he says and The Miz and him point at themselves "And there are losers" The Miz says and John and him point at the camera, at that moment three little chick jump on The Miz's lap "Be jealous!" The Miz and Morrison say as the chicks tweet.
The Camera turns off and everyone claps "Good one good one!" The director says. 
The Miz stands up "That wasn't funny John...you know i don't like being picked on" he says sadly. 
"Aww I'm sorry, Mizzy." John says and pulls his boyfriend close, wrapping his arms around his waist 
"Um....baby there are chicks following you.." John says 
" I got to close to the eggs when they hatched and now I think they think I'm their daddy." The Miz says and sighs, John laughs and kisses the Miz,
"They can stay with us" John says, the Miz smiles and cuddles up to him, he kisses him back.
John rests his forehead against the Miz's "I love you Mike" he says. The Miz smiles "I love you too John" he says.
The End


Collapse )